How To Earn Free Cryptocurrency With Coinbase

How To Earn Free Cryptocurrency With Coinbase

Have you always wanted to learn about cryptocurrencies but didn’t know how or where to start?  Well Coinbase is giving you an opportunity to learn about them and you’ll earn free cryptocurrency in the process.

All you have to do is watch videos on how certain cryptocurrencies work.  Each video is a couple minutes long.  When you reach the end of a video, there will be a one quiz question.

When you answer the question correctly, you’ll receive a couple dollars worth of cryptocurrency.  It really is that simple!  But the best part is you can earn up to $130 of cryptocurrency. 

Let's Get Started

First thing you need to do is create a Coinbase account.  Click the get started button.  Next fill out all the required information then click on the create account button.  If you are already a Coinbase customer you can skip this step and continue to the earnings page.

Now that you are all setup let’s head over to the Coinbase earn page.  This is where all the earn free cryptocurrency videos will be.  Click on the get started button.

earn free cryptocurrency

Next click on the lesson 1 video.

earn free cryptocurrency

After that you will arrive at the first video.  Go ahead and click the video to start.

earn free cryptocurrency

When you are finished watching the entire video, click take the quiz button.  Here is an example of the quiz question I had.

Click on the answer for the question.  After that click the next button.  When you answer the question correctly you will see the amount of cryptocurrency you earned.

earn free cryptocurrency

After you have completed each video and answered the quiz question correctly, your free cryptocurrency will be added to your account.

Your Total Earnings

After finishing all of the videos, you should have earned $50 in cryptocurrency.  Now to get the remaining $80, you need to invite 4 friends to complete all the video lessons from EOS and XLM.  They can be new or existing Coinbase customers.  Once your 4 friends complete the videos, you’ll receive the remaining $80.  When you add the $50 from the videos you watched, your total should be $130 in free cryptocurrency.

Hope you guys enjoy the free crypto!  If you want to know how to get free bitcoins check out my other page.

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