How To Earn Crypto Interest With Celsius Network

How To Earn Crypto Interest With Celsius Network

Are you tired of not making money in traditional bank accounts? Are traditional banks not meeting your needs?  The future of technology and banking is changing quickly.  Celsius is here to help unbank yourself from the traditional banks.  What’s great about them is that you can receive interest on your cryptocurrency.  Let’s dig deeper into how to earn crypto interest with Celsius Network and its features.

Earning Interest

I’m always wondering how can I earn bitcoins without spending money.  Well Celsius is giving you the opportunity to earn interest on your cryptocurrency.  To do this you simply deposit your cryptocurrencies into their platform and they will pay you out with interest.

Celsius gives you 2 options how you want to receive your interest payments.  First, you can receive them in-kind which means if you deposit bitcoin, you will receive bitcoin. 

The second option is, you can receive your interest in CEL tokens.  CEL tokens are in-app utility tokens that give their members exclusive access to loyalty rewards.  The higher loyalty level you are, the better interest rates you will receive.  Your loyalty level is determined by the ratio of CEL tokens you have compared to all the other coins in your wallet.

Loyalty Level Bonus Interest Loan Interest Discount
Silver  < 5%
Gold   5 - 10%
Platinum  > 10%

Here are the interest rates Celsius is offering.  The numbers in black show the in-kind interest rates.  Conversely, the green numbers show the interest rate if you elect to receive CEL token payments.  Check their website for current rates as they are constantly changing.

earn crypto interest

Making Money With Stablecoins

Here’s a tip for those who don’t want the volatility that comes with cryptocurrencies.  You could buy stablecoins which are cryptocurrencies that are pegged to a stable asset such as gold or the US dollar.  They provide stability for your money.  Meaning you will not get volatile up or down price swings of your coins.

TUSD, GUSD, USDC, PAX , DAI are examples of stablecoins.  Notice the higher interest rates that you receive in the chart above.  In contrast, what traditional bank would offer you 8% on your money.  I can’t think of one.  

Another key point with cryptocurrencies is that they are liquid.  You can have access to your money at anytime while earning high interest rates.  Whereas, by having money in real estate, CDs, crowdfunding platforms, etc. you won’t be able to access your money as easily.

In contrast, the downside to earn crypto interest with Celsius Network is your money isn’t compounding.  Furthermore, if you wanted to withdraw the interest that you earned, the amount will come from your original deposit not the ones earned.  For example, say you deposited 1 bitcoin and you have earned 0.05 bitcoin from it.  The 0.05 you want to withdraw will be deducted from the 1 bitcoin.  So now you’ll be earning interest on 0.95 bitcoin while having a total of 1 bitcoin in your account.  

Please check their regulatory disclosure to find out if the Celsius Network app features are available to you.

Are There Any Fees?

Celsius believes in being fee free!  There are no fees for depositing or withdrawing your cryptocurrency.  To get cash loans there are no transaction fees, termination fees, and no prepayment fees if you payoff off your loan early.  There are no fees ever!  However, other companies will charge you a fee for everything.


Currently to get Celsius you have to download the app on your mobile phone.  It would be great if they had a desktop browser version.

How To Earn Crypto Interest Step By Step

To begin with, open the app store in your iOS or Android device.  Search for the Celsius Network app.  Once you find it click install.  As soon as it’s done open the app and you should see this.

earn crypto interest

Click join Celsius and after that you should arrive here.

Fill out your information then click on enter referral code if you want to receive $10 in free bitcoin.  Enter  184695519f  as the code.

earn crypto interest

To receive the free $10 in bitcoin you must make a first deposit of $200 or more using the referral code.  The promo code only works during the initial sign up process for new users and is not valid afterwards.

After entering the promo code, click confirm.  Then click create account.  Next you should see this.

Now go ahead and create your pin.  Next you should arrive at the homepage.  This is where you will see everything.  You see your wallet balance, how much interest you’ve earned, and your deposited coins.

earn crypto interest

To start making money on your cryptocurrency you need to verify your identity first.  Click on deposit coins to start.

Fill out your profile details, address info, and your taxpayer ID if you live in the United States.  After that your account should be approved within the next 24 hours.

How To Deposit Cryptocurrency

Now that the formalities are over with, let’s start making money on our cryptocurrency.  At the homepage click on the Celsius icon in the bottom right corner or deposit coins on the top left.

earn crypto interest

After that you should see this.

Go ahead and tap on the deposit button.  After that click on BTC and you can choose which coin you want to deposit.  I started out with BTC (bitcoin).  You will see both a qr code and a bitcoin address.  Use either to deposit bitcoin into your account.

earn crypto interest
earn crypto interest

I deposited 0.1 BTC to test it out.  It showed up into my account quickly.

One thing I really like about Celsius is that they pay out interest every week on Monday.  In contrast, other companies pay out monthly.  I deposited my bitcoin on a Thursday and the following Monday I received my interest.  Whichever day you deposit your coins, the interest will be prorated for that time of the week.  Overall interest will be earned immediately when cryptos are deposited.

Come Monday you should see the interest earned in the top right hand corner.  Congratulations you are now earning interest with Celsius Network!  This is a great way to earn crypto interest passively while you are hodling your coins.  In addition, you can always withdraw your cryptocurrency at anytime with no fees.  


I have been using Celsius for the past several months and have found it to be a great platform.  Everything has worked for me and I’ve had no problems with them.  The app is user friendly and responsive.  Earning interest with Celsius has always been paid when it is supposed to be.  Every Monday I get an email saying how much earn crypto interest I’ve received.  Overall I have had a great experience and will continue using them.

But always be aware with the cryptocurrency space or any investment that there are risks involved.


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